Alejandro Ospina



Sept 17

Ospina's works tackle the newly arisen problem of resolving the freedom of visual movement we experience in the digital realm into the forms and boundaries of a traditional painting.

Ministry of Nomads presents the works of Colombian artist Alejandro Ospina in a new Virtual Gallery exhibition.  This show exhibits a collection of works, spanning several years of his career.   Our gallery allows his works to become participants in the digital space, in an interactive way, which builds new connections and meanings.


Ospina uses mixed media to bring the traditional medium of canvas and his New Media subjects together. In his early work he used portraits taken from the internet and transferred them to works on canvas in order to engage with the current discourse of identity and representation. The artist’s newer works utilise a fusion of all images associated with him, for example images of riot scenes from news reports which he melds into chaotic scenes of bedroom interiors and architectural spaces. His work reuses and fuses many types of imagery and becomes a commentary on social media and the colliding worlds that interact with one another in the virtual realm.


Ospina has widely exhibited in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North and South America including at the Saatchi Gallery, Johannes Vogt Gallery, Christopher Paschall Gallery, Frameless Gallery, Peter Freeman Gallery, Christies LA, Frieze NY, the Creekside Open, ArtBo, SParte, ArtRio, ArtLima, Brussels Art Fair, Dallas Art Fair, the Royal Academy Summer Show, IMT Gallery, amongst others.