Virtual Galleries with Marco Walker

Exploring New Possibilities in the Digital Space
July 24, 2020
Virtual Galleries with Marco Walker


Art must always evolve, and we feel that as a mutable art platform it is our duty to evolve along with it - these new digital spaces we have created are a reflection of that.  we truly believe in the possibilities of the digital space as somewhere that can foster true engagement with and enjoyment of art.


We spent many months developing the framework for our digital spaces, months where we were not even sure what we wanted to achieve was going to be possible.  We didn't want to use any existing system for digital space creation as we found most of them to be  too impersonal, or lack the sense of interactivity which we wanted so dearly.  As such we ventured out to create our own system, one which we built from the group up to make sure it had all of the qualities we knew we needed, and wanted, in our digital spaces.  Putting time and effort into something which is largely unexplored in the way we wanted to do it was a frightening task, as taking a leap into the unknown always is.  We were concerned about the response to fully digital spaces, concerned people might not engage with the experience, or find it alienating.  But nonetheless we truly believed in what we were creating, and believed our community would see the care and time we put into sculpting each space.


There always exists challenges in creating something new, and we have taken inspiration from many of our contemporaries in the art world in creating these digital spaces.  But truly, there is no precedent for digital galleries in the way we are trying to create them, no standard or blueprint to draw from.  We are discovering these spaces and this experience together with you.  Our goal is to create digital homes, where we can meet and experience art together in a way which feels engaged and direct.  We have a great many things planned: different spaces and more interactive, dynamic experiences within them. 


Our future plans all revolve around the improvement and further exploration of the digital space system which we have created.  Paradise Blown proved to us that our system can work and people are open to digital spaces, and willing to engage with them, now we are truly able to begin to push what we have made to it's limit, and discover just how much we are able to create.  We plan to integrate video, and sculptural works into our system, as well as scaling up the size of the galleries, and the number of works within them.  Each gallery is hand made, and we hope to be able to push the boundaries of how much character and life we can inject into the galleries through this process, making them a place which has character and a sense of life.  We are also hoping to be able to improve the speed and performance of the galleries, this is one of our most important goals.  We want to make sure that as we scale up the ambition and capability of our galleries we are also scaling up their performance as we always want to make sure they are as accessible as possible to our global community.


We have a great many things planned.  We cannot wait and we hope to see you there!



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