Ministry of Nomads is a boutique Art Gallery specialising in unique international talent sourced from the most culturally active places in the world. Our Studio offers a platform for both emerging and established artists, providing an immersive forum for the presentation of their work. 

We organize curated exhibitions, performances, as well as panel discussions and artist talks. Ministry of Nomads was founded in 2008 by Maria Vega as a commercial, educational and philanthropic platform for both established and emerging artists as well as collectors.





Art Advisory 


We offer Art Advisory Services for both individuals and companies.  We operate with transparency, integrity, and discretion, thanks to our years of experience we ensure you find the perfect additions for your collection.  We offer advice on acquisition, insurance, shipping, research, valuation,  and any other services our clients may need while navigating the art world.  Our network is international and experienced, having been built up over more than fifteen years and it includes dealers, artists, curators, and logistics experts.  





 Our History


Ministry Of Nomads was launched in 2008 as a commercial, educational and philanthropic platform for emerging and established artists and collectors.  Born out of extensive research, collaboration, discussion, and debate; Ministry of Nomads has embraced the lifelong process of becoming since its inception, always celebrating continual opportunities for transformation. 
We seek to reject static states of being, embracing the ever changing reality of who and what we are. With a global reach; from London, to Havana, to Tehran, Ministry of Nomads aims to break the trend of centralization and consolidation. We aim to become a part of a new identity, one which has no hierarchies, but rather one composed of countless individual elements, which mould and shape and lead into one another. 
We seek to work against systems which devalue the different or underrepresented by creating an identity which embraces them as a core facet of its being. Through engaging with and learning from the art of the most culturally rich reaches of the global community, we strive to build the foundations of a truly nomadic discourse. We use technology to combat the centralization of our shrinking world, stretching our arms across the globe to bring together all opposed to insuralization. We seek to create an artistic system which takes back the cultural front, and reterritorialize it in the name of the many. We aim to build a global community through art, one which is collectively defined, interrelational and constantly evolving and shape shifting.


Through technology and art we are building a community which is brave, adventurous, and perpetually looking towards the horizon of what is possible. A community which is equal and democratic, engaging in ever-changing discussions mediated by art and technology.  We see these as the crux of this community, two intertwined and now indistinguishable arms which feed one another and allow us to connect and come together. 
We hope to bring together artists and technologists from every corner of the globe to create this community. We hope that by working with each other, shaping each other with our ideas and passions we can create something truly global, something transhuman, which breaks down walls and opens minds - something truly nomadic. A global community of techno-art whose heart exists in no fixed place - in no city or building - but within all of those who help create it.