Marco Walker - Paradise Blown

Virtual Gallery Tour
May 7, 2020

A tour of Paradise Blown by Marco Walker.  A virtual exhibition presented in our one of a kind online art space. 


View the virtual gallery here.


View the viewing room here.


Marco Walker's works manipulate and embrace colour in an act of reclamation.  Reclaiming all environments: the lost, the imaginary, and even the ubiquitous.  Regardless of their origin, Walker transforms them, mobilizing photography, alternative print methods, and collage to create places which are distinctly their own.  Connected to their origin but also unique departures from it.


Walker's use of colour to evoke the sense of escapism brings his works to the forefront of their environments.  His works actively project themselves into the environment around them, acting not only as a feature of their space - but as a participant in shaping it.