Juan Mejia: Artsy Online Exclusive

19 July - 19 August 2019

An Artsy Online Exclusive



The work of Colombian artist and architect Juan R Mejía reviews the sensorial
perception of the informal city and de-construccion of urban elements. The
consciousness of the eye relates architecture to the image, exterior and interior
spaces, the re-construction of volumes, perfection and subtlety expressed in cuts
and folds, the austerity of form and the precision of the line.
His sculptures come from valuable elements of minimalist connotation; intentional
lines, accents, rhythms and games of full and empty spaces.
On the emphases of securing a compositional balance, the research with different
materials, techniques, textures and colors, the limits of the pictorial and spatial
language define immaterial spaces that are always marked by the rigor of order
and geometry.


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