Carlos Jacanamijoy: Solo Exhibition

1 - 30 April 2020

"I draw upon the way of viewing life that we all as human beings have as children ... when you get given a single colour and you want to become yourself through it."

Jacanamijoy's works evoke a deep connection to the memories, heritages, and environments which shape us.  Drawing from his background as a member of the Indigenous Inga people of Colombia, Jacanamijoy mobilizes the western oil painting tradition in a novel way, intertwining his own unique themes and transforming the medium into something which is distinctly his own.  Confronting the presumptions around indigenous art and using his works to formulate a dialogue between western and indigenous cultures. Jacanamijoy's works are distinctly his own, but are intrinsically tied with a message of unity and the universal experiences which mould and bring us together.



Ministry of Nomads presents a collection of Jacanamijoy's works from 2010 - 2018 in this exhibition, available on Artsty, and presented in our digital gallery space.