Katy Lynton

Katy Lynton is a British artist currently based in London. She studied at London's Chelsea School of Art from 1989-1991. In 1994 she was selected as one of only three people for the prestigious Postgraduate course in Advanced Painting at Central St. Martins. She has exhibited works in solo and group shows in London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo. In 2007, Katy started producing back-lit illuminated paintings and went on to showcase these with the respected curator Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst. Her work is on display in London’s private members’ club LouLou’s, 5 Hertford Street and Sabina in Ibiza.
“I am an intuitive painter working with the highest vibrational frequencies from Source. I do not plan what I am going to paint as transmissions flow freely when I open myself up to these expansive, multi-dimensional energies. Through this unique, very personal process, what unfolds is an impression from which many tales can be told: stories of planets and realms that are familiar, yet have long been forgotten; landscapes that we desire to revisit, or serve to remind us of our true origins."


  • Katy Lynton, Home Among The Stars, 2015
    Katy Lynton
    Home Among The Stars, 2015
  • Katy Lynton, Contact in the Desert, 2019
    Katy Lynton
    Contact in the Desert, 2019
  • Katy Lynton, Emerging Earth Portals, 2019
    Katy Lynton
    Emerging Earth Portals, 2019
  • Katy Lynton, Dabble & You’ll Pay The Piper, 2005
    Katy Lynton
    Dabble & You’ll Pay The Piper, 2005
  • Katy Lynton, Consciousness Expanding, 2016
    Katy Lynton
    Consciousness Expanding, 2016
  • Katy Lynton, Cosmic Egg, 2018
    Katy Lynton
    Cosmic Egg, 2018
  • Katy Lynton, Delving Deep Into The Matrix, 2018
    Katy Lynton
    Delving Deep Into The Matrix, 2018
  • Katy Lynton, Vision of The Future, 2014
    Katy Lynton
    Vision of The Future, 2014
  • Katy Lynton, The Cosmic Hologram, 2018
    Katy Lynton
    The Cosmic Hologram, 2018
  • Katy Lynton, The Gate Of Divine Prowess, 2018
    Katy Lynton
    The Gate Of Divine Prowess, 2018
  • Katy Lynton, Seeker of Orbs, 2019
    Katy Lynton
    Seeker of Orbs, 2019
  • Katy Lynton, Supersensible Realms, 2018
    Katy Lynton
    Supersensible Realms, 2018

Katy Lynton’s work reflects a higher state of being. She invites the viewer to think outside of
immediate reality and into a dream-like rendition of the unconscious, into the spheres lying behind
what one perceives as the limits of reality, unveiling an entirely new perception of what can be
experienced: powerful, inter-dimensional, cosmic energies that are omnipresent and hold healing
properties. When Katy paints, she opens herself fully to these vibrancies and enables them to
guide her artist hand. This freed imagination is heaved onto the canvas, the rendering of which is
at once hers and that of the energies which entrance her. Katy leads the viewer onto a journey,
accessing the divine realms that transcend the reality of time and space and offering a glimpse of
sublime, visionary worlds. This journey seeks to heal and soothe the viewer. For this very purpose
she also harnesses the alleviating power of lights creating an immersive trance-like experience in
which programmed lights behind particular paintings tell a story.
The freedom Katy gives to her own creativity is exemplified by her surrealist collages,
where different identities and perceived realities interact creating a heterogenous whole in which
distinctive levels of reality can be seen, challenging preconceived and agreed conceptions of
reality. These levels are present throughout her work in vertical form, perhaps exemplifying the
numerous types of reality one can experience, from lower and more common states of mind to
utopian higher states of being.
This creation process unveils stories so far untold, ‘stories of planets and places that are
familiar, but have long been forgotten, landscapes that we long to revisit, or serve to remind us of
our true origins.’, Katy writes. This is exemplified in her oil painting ‘Vision of The Future’, 2014, a
work inspired by a talk by Dolores Canon about the reality of extra-terrestrial life and the idea that
multi-generational relationships exist between Earth family lineages and extra-terrestrial races.
Katy was put into a trance state where she imagined her life in two-hundred years, the result of
which she then transposed onto this work. In her words, it depicts the landscape of a planet with all
kinds of beings, a high vibration of energies and sacred geometric shapes which act as inter-
dimensional healing portals and above which hoovers a ship or perhaps another planet. The work
translates of Katy’s belief in a wealth of life in the universe that is being ignored and covered up,
urging us to think about a cosmic reality whose energies vibrate within our human bodies, and that
we can access if we were willing.