Rafael Gomez Barros

The fragility of the human condition and the inevitability of death find a mutual ubiquity in Gomez Barros' work, often informing each other, building narratives in tandem

Raised in Bogota, Colombia and Rafael Gomez Barros studied Fine Arts at The Jorge

Tadeo Lozano University.  Many of his works address the human condition bringing into focus the history of violence in Colombia - denouncing the political situation infected by this history.  His works also examine the frailty of distinction between accepted binaries; exposing the true minutia of the space between the individual and the social, desire and reality and identity and anonymity.  His works are heavily cerebral, making use of repetition and manipulated forms to draw upon the rhizomatic nature of the mental space, where images are multiplied and distorted by our pasts. These very same works however are distinctly physical; firmly planting themselves in real space - and at times, taking it over for themselves - continuing Gomez Barros' pattern of disrupting and displacing binary categorization.