Rachel Valdes

"The good thing about all of these installations, is that you never know what's going to happen until the end, you never know how it's going to look, until the end; because the space itself, is the piece.

Rachel Valdés' works expose and celebrate a duality between the tangible and the ideal, bringing them together in a way which encourages the viewer to dwell on the extent to which possibility reaches - blurring the line between that which we can see and feel, and that which we can only imagine.  Her installation works are complex and varied, embracing a wide swath of different technologies and environments.  Her works often find themselves placed in varied environments, from the La Habana to the rural Vermont, to the wilderness of the Pyrenees, Valdés engages with and embraces this wealth of space placing it as an essential element of her works - having both the environment and the work exist together in a symbiotic mode.