Alejandro Ospina

Ospina's works tackle the newly arisen problem of resolving the freedom of visual movement we experience in the digital realm into the forms and boundaries of a traditional painting.


Alejandro Ospina uses mixed media to explore the evolution of our changing relationship with image in the digital age, creating a fusion of the traditional and the neo-technological.  Freezing the digital movement we have become so attuned to into a multi-faceted palimpsest which evokes evolution and change.  Ospina creates a collage of subconscious images which find their way into deep corners of our psyche, where they are disentangled and translated into the language of the conscious mind.


Ospina has widely exhibited in the United Kingdom and North and South America including at the Saatchi Gallery, the Creekside Open, ArtBo, SParte, the Royal Academy Summer Show, and the IMT Gallery, among others. He has also had ten solo exhibitions that have been held both in London and Colombia, most recently at Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, in 2016 and forthcoming in March 2018.