• OUR SERVICES Art investment requires a breath of knowledge, from information about upcoming artists to knowledge of the state and...



    Art investment requires a breath of knowledge, from information about upcoming artists to knowledge of the state and trends of the current market.  Relationships with key professionals are also essential, as is an experienced and well-trained eye.  At Ministry of Nomads we offer our support to new buyers in the art market as well as to private collectors and companies.  We are a boutique Art Gallery specializing in new and established international talent on the cutting edge of the art world.  We find, acquire art and transact art globally on your behalf.


    We approach each client individually, taking into account their unique needs and requirements.  We seek out the most innovative works that mesh perfectly with a clients interests.  Our teams perform extensive analysis, searching through the world’s premiere galleries, fairs, studios, and private collections.  We are able to source and offer art from both emerging artists as well as more significant investment pieces.





    We make professionally researched recommendations based on your budget and taste. 


    Our services include:


    • Discovering cutting-edge art for your collection and making suggestions on both upcoming talent and established artists

    • Undertaking the purchasing and selling of artworks by Contemporary and Modern Artists.

    • Managing national and international art transactions

    • Management of shipping, insurance, and collection

    • Overseeing independent, private art transactions

    • Providing Valuation and private sale negotiations

    • Commission of artworks for individuals or companies 

    • Curation and overseeing of contemporary art exhibitions






    Each client is unique to us and we will change our methods based on what serves each client best.  However our general advisory path follows a three step process.




    We begin our services with a curator consultation with the client.  An outline of each client's individual needs and interests is created and a fee structure is proposed for the specific goals of the client.  Each collector is unique to us and our in depth consultations ensure that their specific needs are met.




    Following a consultation, a proposal presentation will be created for the client based upon their brief.  This proposal will contain a wide range of options and styles, selected by our curatorial team.  The works in this proposal will be diverse in genre and style in order to further narrow down the client’s taste.  This process is collaborative between the client and our curatorial team and will continue until a selection of works has been made.     




    Following the determination of artworks and artists that fit the client's needs and interests, viewings are set up at galleries or studios.  If possible artworks are sent to the client's home, or digital mock-ups are created using photos from the client.  Once works are selected, our team negotiates on behalf of the client with the gallery, artist, dealer, or private collector.  All other logistical elements such as delivery, framing, insurance, and installation are also handled by our team.


    If you are interested in starting a new art collection, expanding your existing one, or are seeking any of our other art advisory services please contact Maria Vega at mv@ministryofnomads.com