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Artist Bio

Alexis Mercedes is a performer/singer/songwriter of Colombian and Cuban origins. She was raised in Buenos Aires, Madrid, New York and London. Her initial forays into music were through jazz, where Alexis tapped into her passion of cinema from a bygone era. Her lyrical and performance style were heavily influenced by the music and female archetypes of this period and her individual flair soon landed her an artist and publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing in 2008. In 2011, Alexis wrote, directed and starred ‘Love In The Time Of Colonics’, a one-woman show she performed off-Broadway for a year and a half.

In 2013, Alexis moved to London to look for a new challenge and adventure. Here she re-kindled her love for the Latin American song book from her childhood and found her most natural expression yet. Within this Latin American framework, she explores the themes that fascinate her: metamorphosis, the journeys of the heart, and the fulfillment of one’s destiny.

She is currently developing an exclusive album of Latin American music with the Saatchi Gallery and Ministry of Nomads, which will focus on merging Afro-Peruvian songs, early Colombian cumbias and Mexican boleros into a brand new, state of the art music affair.