London | 21st Sep

AGUAS PROFUNDAS - Deep Waters 243X167CM


The first-ever UK exhibition for cerebral Colombian abstractionist Mario Vélez

Ministry of Nomads and Gallery Elena Shchukina are delighted to announce Canto Rodado (Boulder), an exhibition of painting, drawing, and sculpture by Mario Vélez, opening 22nd September 2016.

With a field of reference that spans Colombian history from the pre-Columbian era through today, Mario Vélez interprets Latin American visual culture through the lens of abstract and expressionist art.  His work lies in the tradition of geometric abstraction pioneered by Kandinsky and Af Klint, but his idiosyncratic motifs and colour choices are inspired by the natural and built environments of Colombia.  He balances a cerebral focus on formal geometry with a playful, organic use of shape and colour.

Mario Vélez describes his artistic aim as being ‘to reconnect, in some ways, to the primeval status of our culture – to embrace once more the essence of the past.’

Vélez builds on the paradigm established by early Latin American abstractionists such as Joaquín Torres García and Alfredo Hlito, who synthesised elements from indigenous and modernist art to create a new, post-colonial visual lexicon. His fusion of multiple artistic traditions reflects his belief in art’s ability to transcend national, temporal, and linguistic barriers.

In Vélez’s words, ‘our common heritage is… a sensation that survives in ourselves, and is transmitted by the medium of painting’.



London | 14th Nov – 12 Dec 2015


MON Art Foundation presents the Emerging Bolivian Artist Award exhibition featuring works by winner Liliana Zapata and finalists Jose Arispe and Jose Ballivian.

The Emerging Bolivian Artist Award was launched in January 2015 in collaboration with the Bolivian Embassy in London with support by The Falcone Foundation. This prize grants emerging artists in Bolivia the opportunity to showcase their work in London.

Over 200 applications were assessed by a jury panel, composed of Saatchi Gallery Senior Director Philly Adams and Flora Fairbairn as well as art practitioner and founder of Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India, Shwetal Patel and Bolivian gallerist Mariano Ugalde of Salar Gallery in La Paz.

Selected works by Bolivia’s most important artists Sonia Falcone and Gaston Ugaldecomplete the showcase of the nation’s contemporary art culture.

Special thanks to the Bolivian Embassy in London, The Sonia Falcone Foundation, Agwa De Bolivia, Philly Adams, Flora Fairbairn, Seth Stein Architects, Fair & Co, Shwetal Petal and Mariano Ugalde.

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For the curious and the open minded…

ALGORITHMS | Vertiginous dimensions of the digital world

London | 20th Feb | 15 th Mar

The chaotic phenomenon of high-speed information; personal images from social media, current events, environmental phenomenon, and procured ‘bits’ of other artists collapse into apocalyptic and vibrantly coloured abstract landscapes.

The artist dissects the ever-futuristic prophecy of how the Internet transforms our relationship to images, to space and to each other in unparalleled ways, leaving us with the mystified impression of accessing territories that become instead increasingly synthetic.

Ospina anchors an infinite source of fleeting impressions, allowing us distance to reflect on the human condition.



London | 14th Oct | 2014


“Inside the citadel of rational analysis is here redefined imaginative synthesis. A new series of works reverses the conventional arrow of creativity, extracting ideal, canonical human forms not from the imagination but directly from thousands of concrete particulars, by brute force, synopted through a humanized machine. In transforming the idea of the imaginative we transform the idea of the biological, revealing it to be intelligible only when viewed as a human being looks upon another.”
Parashkev Nachev

An extraordinary new series of works by neurologist Parashkev Nachev inverts our conception of the imagination with a humanized machine that assembles inexistent, ideal human forms from thousands of real, living instances.This exhibition supports a Wellcome Trust & Department of Health funded translational research project to develop a clinical system for detecting anomalies in brain scans with the aid of machine-learning.

Parashkev Nachev is a neurologist and cognitive neuroscientist at UCL and its hospitals, who has applied his skill to the problems and possibilities of conceptual art.


London | 9th April | 2014



London | 17th Oct | 2013


Milk and Steel + Ansuman Biswas

Inside a sacred grove lit by glass, copper and skin, there will be viewed and destroyed a 1200 square foot steel mandala. The act of contemplation shall be the fact of termination. Come and be part of this birth and death, all in a late afternoon.

This one-off event opens Revelata, a set of collaborative works giving body to power through atomic elements that irresistibly reveal it. Its four, very different, creators draw on their disparate skills in igniting and extinguishing people, buildings, artefacts, music, and ideas.


London | 12 Sept | 2014

AQUALIBRIUM|12 September

Ministry of Nomads is delighted to present AQUALIBRIUM. Oliver Barnett’s photographs  intend to explore and unite scientific and spiritual realms to invoke balance in the way humans interact with nature.

“Having dedicated much of the last 5 years to walking and observing in and around Table Mountain National park, these artworks emerged from consistent inquiry into the evolution of human consciousness and its relationship to the natural world. The resulting body of work intends to provide tools to connect to a collective perception of the environment and find new ways to enjoy and share the natural habitats that sustain and nourish life.”  Oliver Barnett


London | 24th April | 2013


MON Videos | 11th April | 2013


London | 11th April | 2013



London | 21st Nov | 2012

Transmutation Final


Paris | 15th  Nov | 2012