Selected Works

Ramin Haerizadeh

Ramin Haerizadeh, born in Tehran, Iran in 1975, currently lives and works in Dubai. Internationally famous in his own right, Haerizadeh studied photography under the illustrious Iranian artist Massoud Ma'ssoumi. Haerizadeh’s photographs do not remain static in the traditional format; instead through the use of Persian motifs seen in tapestries, architecture, fabrics and carvings, Haerizadeh’s work reconfigures the decadence of an ancient civilisation into lusciously futuristic tableaux. His work is displayed in large format; the size and detail visible in the image portray the sumptuous associations of history within their super-slick modern surfaces. Using these appropriated forms as departure point for invention, Haerizadeh transforms tradition, myth, and legend into the realm of virtual reality, subverting convention through high-impact graphic design and digital modelling. Collage remains at the core of the artist’s way of working but he has turned his use of the medium onto drawing, assemblage and video, thereby lifting his collages off the canvas in recent years. Common across this body of work is Haerizadeh’s galling laughter, his instinct to show that history and meaning are articulated through easily manipulated imagery, and his disregard for any assumed ‘hierarchy’ of images in an age of digital reproduction. Known beyond the confines of Iran, Haerizadeh’s work is well known in Europe and forms a part of many illustrious collections. His work has been displayed at the Guggenheim, Dubai and the Saatchi gallery, London amongst many others.