Selected Works

Narges Hashemi

Born in 1979 in Tehran, Narges Hashemi grew up in a traditional household. She completed her BA degree at the University of Tehran in fine art, later completing another degree in Ancient Persian language. Hashemi’s work, an intimate observation of the dualities that permeate her daily existence in Iran, is presented in a variety of techniques and mediums including mono-printing, macramé, graph paper and acetate. Hashemi’s early works have often been described as being figurative depictions of intimate, domestic and celebratory scenes. However, her style has developed over time to encompass the abstract, and the artist currently uses a mixture of mediums to create her geometric compositions. Her work, though abstract in nature, always maintains clear links to her ritualistic and routine orientated upbringing. They reflect the contradictions and dualities of such an upbringing, depicting conflicting senses of belonging and detachment, nostalgia and uneasiness, comfort and entrapment. The decorative nature of Hashemi’s work cannot be overlooked. The use of patterns is a dominant element of her work and appears in more than one series, in many varying forms as both literal and abstract manifestations of the influence of environment and tradition. Her work, relevant beyond the borders of her own country have been shown across Europe and the Middle East. Past exhibitions have been hosted by a number of international galleries, including the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, B21 Gallery (Dubai), and the Mall Galleries (London).