Selected Works

  • Love Sign

Leila Pazooki

Leila Pazooki, born in 1977, in Tehran, Iran, started her artistic education at the State University of Arts in Tehran, before moving to Germany to complete her post-graduate studies. In Germany Pazooki specialised in New Media and Sculpture at the Munich Art School and Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. Travelling continuously between Iran and Europe, Pazooki explores the notion and significance of geographical borders. Working with digital media, video and image editing, Pazooki began her early visual explorations through the modifications and manipulations of images. Her work included strategic manipulations through the multi-layering and partial elimination of “illicit” images, mingling the “borders” of “tolerable” and “forbidden” figurative representations and making the illicit, licit, though leaving room for doubt. In her recent works Pazooki continues the research in the realm of media, questioning the validity or reliability of the images and messages they transmit. She disintegrates the visual and textual elements in newspapers and journals through a process of exclusion, akin to the act of censorship, attempting to set the image free, recreating its identity as an individual and secular medium. In her series’ Tehran Fashion and more recently Two Minute Photo, the artist apprehends the borders between the artist and the people who have casually been filmed or photographed in an urban context. Through mutual contemplative observation, she strives to blur what is to be understood as a barrier in inter-human relationships. Her work has been exhibited widely in both Europe and the Middle East.