Selected Works


Born in 1961 in Iran, Afsoon Hayley, a largely self taught artist, spent the early years of her life in Iran before moving to San Francisco during her late teens, staying there until her early twenties. She then moved to London, where she settled ever since. Classifying herself as a nomad, Afsoon believes it is her nomadic life that is reflected in her work. She believes her artistic space is where her Eastern background merges with her Western life, creating an oeuvre of work that is at once is familiar and foreign.
Conceiving her work as being multilayered, Afsoon combines text with image whilst also using different artistic techniques and mediums in the same work and imparting an aesthetic and symbolic layered significance to the work.
Using a combination of linocut, photography, collage and etching, the result of Afsoon’s work is rich yet simultaneously playful and presents humours tableaus, which the audience can easily engage with and interpret in their own way. Hayley’s work has been featured in many significant group and solo exhibitions, at venues including Green Cardamom (London) and Asia House (London). Her work is included in private and public collections such as The British Museum (London) and The Zoroastrian Institute (Paris).


They Say Flower , They Hear Flower


Persian Speaking Objects

Talisman Series

Verbal Nostalgia Series

Fairytale Icons