Selected Works

  • Cabeza del Heroe 150 x 130 cm
  • Lo que no se, me lo imagino (Acrilico lienzo) 130 x 150 cm
  • Maestro Joel (Acrilico Lienzo) 136,5 x 167,5 cm
  • Samurai (Acrilico lienzo) 130 x 150 cm

Michel Perez

Michel Pérez Pollo, born in 1981 in Manzanillo, Cuba, currently lives and works in Havana, Cuba and graduated from the Instituto Superior de Artes in 2007. Pollo, a very young artist, blasted his way onto the internationally known Cuban contemporary art scene, exhibiting with artistic giants such as Flavio Garcendía and Raul Cordero. Pollo’s work often draws parallels with Japanese manga, American cartoons and graffiti art. His paintings, though appearing to be childlike and naïve, attempt to capture universal expression, even at the expense of faithful accuracy. His figures start out as shapes created out of modelling clay, which he then goes on to enlarge and exaggerate in his paintings. Pollo appears to be more interested in the fundamental constellations of human existence and interaction than in any popular ubiquitous and increasingly hollow social criticism. His paintings become toys that at first glance appear to be painted objects, then, solely emerge as humanized portraits and often can then fall into depictions of the abstract vastness of landscapes. Cordero, though very young, has exhibited across the U.S., Latin America and Europe. His work can be found in many collections and he has even participated in international art fairs such as Art Madrid and MACO in Mexico City.