Selected Works

Luis Gomez

Luis Gómez, born in 1968 during the prosperous post-Revolution Cuba years, has become a household name, a maestro of contemporary Cuban Art.
Graduating from Escuela Elemental de Artes Visuales, San Alejandro and the Instituto Superior de Artes (ISA), Luis Gómez returned to ISA a few years after graduating to pass on his knowledge to the new generation of Cuban artists.
Gómez’s layered work is often posed as a contradiction to the viewer, his work is torn between permanence and disappearance, gambling and non-gambling, ancestral cultures and an age of techonology, faith and excessive skepticism.
It poses a conceptual link which suggests that nothing surpasses the postduchampian theory that everything can be anything.
Gómez’s work addresses political, social and historical tensions, using his art to confront the contradictions and capture the terse details of each subject.
As Head of the New Media Lab of ISA, Gómez works in a vast range of materials, reflecting his interest in the past and future through the use of traditional and new age media.
They vary from two dimensional photographs and drawings, to large engulfing sculptures or light instalations. Gómez, having had such success throughout his career, features in many international collections and has represented Cuba at many international biennials, Venice and Havana being just two. His work can be found in Germany, Madrid, the U.S.A., Mexico, Holland and Japan amongst many other countries.

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Jules Verne’s Room (Inside and Outside)

Digested Su


Quiet Room



Noone listens