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Alejandro Gonzalez

Alejandro González, born in Havana in 1974, did not follow the traditional route of an arts education in Cuba, learning through practice in workshops directed by photographers such as Diego Goldberg, Luis González Palma and Edgar Moreno. González was also chosen to complete a residency at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts in Germany and won an award for his photography in 2009 at the prestigious Casa De Las Americas, Cuba. Through the years González’s photography has evolved from focusing on the tales of landscapes and capturing geographical images, to using people as protagonists and subjects.
González dates this change in 2005, describing it as a turning point in his work. He believes the focal interest in his work is now centred on a careful examination of faces, looking at their diversity and the contexts in which these are placed. He conceives his photo projects in a profound intellectual condition that accompanies his poetics disposition.
These are evident in the types of metaphors he adopts and the parallels he establishes with other fields of knowledge and public life. His most recent projects have focused on capturing the youth of Cuba, recognizing his younger self in those he photographs. The photographer has a particular interest with the people who grew up in the Special Period, a moment of great economic and moral crisis for Cuba. His work has been exhibited in Cuba, as well as Mexico, the United States, Spain and Italy.

Black Stage


Donde Where


Conducta Impropia