Selected Works

Aime Garcia

Aimeé García Marrero born in 1972 in Limonar, Matanza, Cuba, is often hailed as one of Cuba’s leading young artists.
Having studied at the Professional School of Fine Arts in Camagüey, García went on to complete her studies at the internationally renowned Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana, Cuba.
At the age of just 21 Aimeé García exhibited in two major exhibits at the V Havana Biennial. The Biennual, drawing in an international crowd proved to be a golden opportunity for her work to attract worldwide consensus and praise.
Following the Biennial, Aimeé García exhibited in Jamaica, Mexico, Israel, Austria, U.S.A and later in the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Lebanon.
Most popular for the symbolist nature of her work, Aimeé García works in a wide range of mediums varying from oil paints and photography, through to lead, hair and thread.
Aimeé García’s identifies her work as being infused with feminine qualities and the result of her own introspection and self-exploration. Her art, originating in the ‘special period’ (1991) reflects the resourcefulness of its time; she states that her symbolic approach to the concept of her art and her innovative and inventive use of materials is the result of the times she lived through.