Selected Works

  • Thirsty Bear 18. Oil on canvas. 140 x 180 cm
  • 4 Pairs of Jaguar Shoes. 200 x 301cm
  • Cobalt lane. Oil on canvas. 170 x 248 cm
  • Quartet for the end of time 4. Oil on canvas. 167,5 x 237 cm
  • Quartet for the end of time 6. Oil on canvas. 169 x 228,5 cm
  • Supergirl 7. Oil on canvas 170 x 169 cm
  • Super girl 9. Oil on canvas. 149 x 171 cm
  • The last post. Oil on canvas. 140 x 180 cm
  • The temple of Bel. Oil on canvas. 140 x 180 cm

Alejandro Ospina

Alejandro Ospina (b. 1970) was born in Cali, Colombia. He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, the New York Studio School and Duke University in the United States. Working predominantly on canvas, Ospina uses mixed media to bring the traditional medium of canvas and his New Media subjects together. In his early work Ospina used portraits taken from the internet and transferred them to works on canvas in order to engage with the current discourse of identity and representation. The artist’s newer works utilise images of riot scenes from news reports and melds them into chaotic scenes of bedroom interiors and architectural spaces. His work reuses and fuses many types of imagery and becomes a commentary on social media and the colliding worlds that interact with one another in the virtual realm. Ospina explains: “I try to work in ways that reflect continuous changes in attention at a rate and method that would have seemed absurd before the arrival of the Internet, simulating what happens in our minds when we jump from image to image accumulating and merging layers of visual information. I want the work to reflect how the Internet has mutated the way we look at sets of images or contemplate a stream of information.”

Ospina has widely exhibited in the United Kingdom and North and South America including at the Saatchi Gallery, the Creekside Open, ArtBo, SParte, the Royal Academy Summer Show, and the IMT Gallery, among others. He has also had ten solo exhibitions that have been held both in London and Colombia, most recently at Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York, in 2016 and forthcoming in March 2018.

A Minute With Alejandro Ospina

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