Selected Works

  • Alaska 139, gemstones on canvas
  • Alaska 140, gemstones on canvas
  • Alaska 141, gemstones on canvas
  • Alaska 143, gemstones on canvas
  • Alaska 145, gemstone painting
  • Alaska 147, gemstones on canvas
  • Alaska 149, gemstones on canvas
  • Alaska 156, gemstones on canvas

Fareen Butt

Fareen Butt is a Canadian-born artist based in New York and Monaco. She paints large-scale works on canvas using crushed gemstones added to her pigments. Her multicultural heritage is a major influence on her works, which pulls from her diverse background and travels throughout the Middle East and Asia as well as her childhood in the United States and Pakistan. Fareen's paintings of representational mountainscapes are influenced by pointillism, but often Fareen's work can contain pure gold and silver, as well as precious stones such as sapphire and onyx. The artist’s Mirage Mountainscape Series is often compared to China’s Zhang Daqian, whose auction price surpassed record-holding Picasso for most expensive artwork sold at auction. The art pulls inspiration from geography, geology, and mineralogy and the spirituality associated with crystals and minerals in the many different cultures Fareen has explored.