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  • The Seduction [detail]
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Ava Moradi

Ava Moradi is a contemporary artist who has exhibited and created commissioned works internationally for over ten years. Ava lives and works with one foot planted firmly in Europe and the other in Asia. Although she has practised art for many years this will be her debut in the contemporary art.

Ava’s artistic practice is inclusive of many mediums; she creates two-dimensional and three- dimensional installations around the world that explore the concepts of possibility and potential. The dynamics created by the participation of the audience with the pieces allow for a rich social experience within a contemplative ambience. Due to their subjective, reflective nature, the installations can adapt to a multitude of environments and have been successfully exhibited in both urban and rural settings. Her artworks create a strong bond with the viewer; seeing her work in person is an essential part of experiencing it fully. Her installation works revolve around light and design. When set against a medium as lapidary as stone, the interplay of light on the art makes for a stunning impact.