Maria Vega, Founder & Director of Ministry of Nomads

Our Story

Founded by María Vega, Ministry Of Nomads was launched in 2008 as a commercial, educational and philanthropical platform for emerging and established artists and collectors.

Ministry of Nomads Agency  supports a large collection of visual and performance artists. We organise curated exhibitions, staging performances, panel discussions and artist talks.

Maria Vega launched the MON Art Foundation in 2015 with the Ministry of Nomads Artists Awards. The aim of the Foundation is the collaboration between  artists, scientists and architects on big scale, creative, non-commercial projects.

Ministry of Nomads is the result of extensive research, collaboration, discussion and debate. It was developed across a diverse range of places: the London Studio, the Havana HQ, the satellite offices of downtown Tehran and many stops in between. With such wide reaching cross-communication, we began to spin the web of a true nomadic dialogue.

Ministry of Nomads continues to roam the earth, investigating and engaging with the most culturally active places across the world.

The Team

Ava Moradi | Assistant Director

Patricia Lopez | Video Production Manager

 Amanda Hart | Artist Liaison